Flame Sensor Module KY-026

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KY-026 Flame Sensor Module for Arduino detects infrared light emitted by fire. The module has both digital and analog outputs and a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity.The KY-026 consist of a 5mm infra-red receiver LED, a LM393 dual differential comparator a 3296W trimmer potentiometer, six resistors and two indicator LEDs. The board features an analog and a digital output.


  • Model Number: KY-026
  • Power Supply: 0-15 V DC
  • Detection Angle Range: About 60 degrees
  • Extremely sensitive to wave between 760-1100nm
  • Power Supply: 0-15 V DC
  • Output: Analog Sensor
  • Power supply indicator lamp

Package: 1 X  Flame Sensor Module KY-026

Connect the board’s analog output (A0) to pin A0 on the Arduino and the digital output (D0) to pin 3. Connect the power line (+) and ground (G) to 5V and GND respectively.

KY-026 Arduino
A0 A0
+ 5V
D0 2


Arduino KY-026 connection diagram

Sample Code

int led = 13; // define the LED pin
int digitalPin = 2; // KY-026 digital interface
int analogPin = A0; // KY-026 analog interface
int digitalVal; // digital readings
int analogVal; //analog readings

void setup()
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
pinMode(digitalPin, INPUT);
//pinMode(analogPin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
// Read the digital interface
digitalVal = digitalRead(digitalPin);
if(digitalVal == HIGH) // if flame is detected
digitalWrite(led, HIGH); // turn ON Arduino’s LED
digitalWrite(led, LOW); // turn OFF Arduino’s LED

// Read the analog interface
analogVal = analogRead(analogPin);
Serial.println(analogVal); // print analog value to serial


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