MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

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The MQ-7 is a Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor suitable for sensing CO concentrations in the air. It can detect CO-gas concentrations anywhere from 20 to 2000 ppm.It make detection by method of cycle high and low temperature, and detect CO at low temperature.It is widely used in domestic CO gas leakage alarm, industrial CO gas alarm and portable CO gas detector.The MQ7 is a simple-to-use Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor suitable for sensing CO concentrations in the air.

  • Input voltage: DC5V.
  • Power dissipation: 150mA.
  • DO output: 0.1-5V.
  • AO output: 0.1-0.3V.
  • Detectable concentration: 10-1000ppmCO.

How to connect Gas sensor MQ7 with Arduino?

Hardware and Software Required

  • MQ7 Gas sensor Module
  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino IDE(1.0.6 Version)

Hardware Connections

The connections are made as follows:

  • Vcc to 5V
  • GND to GND
  • A0 to Analog 0

Package Included:

1 X MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor


Sample Code:

const int AOUTpin=0; //the AOUT pin of the CO sensor goes into analog pin A0 of the arduino
const int DOUTpin=8; //the DOUT pin of the CO sensor goes into digital pin D8 of the arduino
const int ledPin=13; //the anode of the LED connects to digital pin D13 of the arduino

int limit;
int value;

void setup() {
Serial.begin(115200); //sets the baud rate
pinMode(DOUTpin, INPUT); //sets the pin as an input to the arduino
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); //sets the pin as an output of the arduino

void loop()
value= analogRead(AOUTpin); //reads the analaog value from the CO sensor’s AOUT pin
limit= digitalRead(DOUTpin); //reads the digital value from the CO sensor’s DOUT pin
Serial.print(“CO value: “);
Serial.println(value); //prints the CO value
Serial.print(“Limit: “);
Serial.print(limit); //prints the limit reached as either LOW or HIGH (above or underneath)
if (limit == HIGH){
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //if limit has been reached, LED turns on as status indicator
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); //if threshold not reached, LED remains off

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