SiM800 module GSM GPRS

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SIM800 GSM GPRS module STM32 SIM900A Upgrade board GPS module

SIM800 module is a GSM/GPRS module. The development board supports China Unicom mobile 2g/3g/4g card.


1.DC6-24v wide voltage power supply, can be used to facilitate the use of your system power supply. Board high performance DC-DC power circuit, coupled with TVS protection, so that the stability of the system is greatly improved

2. Support 3.3 V / 5 V TTL level control, convenient and all kinds of commonly used microcontroller.

The modules are separately listed in TX/RX/GND, use and convenience

3. With standard serial interface, easy to use PC control or debugging

4 with headphones and Mike interface, can be convenient to test the GSM voice call function

5 with SIM card ESD protection chip, protection of electrostatic SIM card plug when the

6 all available SIM800 pins are out to facilitate you to develop a variety of SIM800

Package Included:

1 X SiM800 module GSM GPRS


Arduino serial

Sample Code

Author: Dhanish
Created on: 19-08-2014
Company: Elementz Engineers Guild Pvt Ltd
Run this code only after SIM800 Module has powered and connected to a Network.
Please make a call to the module knowing whether the connection is established.
If connected a ring will be heard at the caller end

void setup() {
// initialize serial communications at 9600 bps:

// print the serial data to GSM
Serial.print("ATD9020XXXXXX;" ); // change here to call a number using SIM800
// wait 10 seconds before the next loop
Serial.print("ATH" ); // hold the call

void loop() {

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