SIM808 module GSM GPRS GPS

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the, procedures provided First (STC12/15/89, series STM32):

  1. Telephone Dial;
  2. The phone Answer;
  3. TEXT format text messages Send;
  4. Text messages in Chinese Send;
  5. Short message control LED lamp Receiving;
  6. Program GPRS_TCP (IP dynamic);
  7. Program GPRS_TCP (Ming Yu);
  8. Program GPRS_UDP (IP dynamic);
  9. Program GPRS_UDP (Ming Yu);
  10. Transparent transmission mode program GPRS;
  11. Function demonstration program Integrated (STM32);
  12. Function demonstration program Integrated (STC12);
  13. Function demonstration program Integrated (STC15);
  14. Test Program Bluetooth (service PPS, serial port Bluetooth);
  15. Mobile phone control LED lamp Bluetooth;
  16. Test procedure GPS
 introduction Two

Module is 5–26V power supply when the power supply is less than 2A the need for 9V This.Direct. Road power supply port for Another 3.5–4.2V suitable lithium for battery power supply.Computer debugging USB–TTL can be.is suitable portable. Two sets of SMA antenna port, presented the GPS and GSM antenna. two sets of IPX port, easy to embed in the aluminum box to lead out the antenna. 1 way of TTL serial port, the GPS and GSM functions can be arbitrarily switched. can realize the GPS positioning, SMS, data and other functions, in the standby. the average value of 80MA{can provide information about 10mA in the village. With voice and Mike.To the Belongs 4 the, world can be used frequency.

Three,Resource Onboard

  • 1 GPS way antenna interface SMA, interface can, be connected to the active antenna (default), can also you receive a passive antenna
  • 1 GSM way antenna interface SMA, interface
  • 1 Bluetooth way antenna interface SMA, interface
  • Interface all, the way Mike interface Voice
  • High efficient LDO power supply, the input voltage is 5–26V. note to the that when the input voltage is less than 9V. Please ensure that the power supply can provide 2a of the current. another power supply port 3.5–4.2V input (suitable for lithium battery power supply)
  • 1 TTL way level interface perfectly, compatible with 3.3V 2.85V 5V level system
  • 1 interface can, be convenient to update the SIM808 Qi USB
  • Pin all lead. Chip

Package Included:

1.GPRS Antenna

2. 1 X SIM808 module GSM GPRS GPS


String package;
String control;
String Number;
static String sendersnumber;
char* key;
String fixstatus;
String runstatus;
String dateandtime;
char MESSAGE[280];
String latitude;
String longitude;
String Altitude;
String Speed;
int passengerNUM;
int passengerNUMB;
String key_0;

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